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Austin, FL

Interests: I enjoy really good food, technology, the arts, the outdoors and time with my daughter Lola. Any chance we get to go Miami we visit my mom and grandmother, sisters and brother.

Favorite Books: Where the Wild Things Are - until they made it into a movie...

Favorite Movies: Perfume, Gattaca, Inception

Favorite Music: Sugarland

Favorite Sports Teams: Vikings

Favorite TV Shows: I've sworn off TV until after the election.

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  • 08/24/2010 08:06:37 AM EST
    Really LeBron?
    If you can't beat them join them - seems to be new philosphy of LeBron James. Sure he's a great a player and he is playing with Dwayne Wade who already has a champsionship and the other guy. Jordan, Pippen, Malone, Magic, Bird all say they would never have played with their rival. They were trying to beat those guys. Sure they'll win a lot of games but they can only play with one ball like the rest of the teams so they'll have their work cut out for them playing Boston and the Lakers.  
  • 08/24/2010 08:00:34 AM EST
    Visting Miami
    Today and I am visting the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. It's always great to visit Miami because I get to see my family and also get some work done with Bonnie, Leslie, and Naomi.
  • 08/20/2010 12:22:55 PM EST

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