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Miami, FL

Interests: I'm interested in many things, among them: 1. Playing the piano and writing music (my first love) - soundtracks, songs 2. Israeli culture, Hebrew language, Middle East affairs 3. Looking for business opportunities and to grow my two businesses 4. If I had any talent for sports, I would have been a professional soccer player, a tennis player, or a downhill skier. Sadly, as I am none of those, I settle for watching them on TV 5. Married with children (2) 6. Love photography, cinema, pretty much everything artistic that makes no money, but enriches the soul

Favorite Books: The Good Earth 100 Years of Solitude Pillars of the Earth World Without End Memoirs of a Geisha Various titles by Isabel Allende Alll books by Herrera Luque (Venezuelan author)

Favorite Movies: Got an hour?

Favorite Music: Classical (was a music major!) Some 60's Lots of 70's Not so much 80's 90's - nah 2000+ - generational divide. But the videos are hot.

Favorite TV Shows: Sons of Anarchy Breaking Bad Weeds Boardwalk Empire The Borgias American Experience Nova Miscellaneous shows on PBS, NatGeo, History Channel, Animal Planet, Science Channel, etc. Some Food network Shark Tank

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