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Helping visually impaired and blind students in Israel

Two years ago a group of volunteers gathered and formed the Israeli non-profit: P.E.U.L.A. - (translated -Open Your Eyes and Hearts to the Needs of the Blind)
Its mission was to:
•    Raise the awareness in all sectors of society on the matter of blindness and the readiness to accept those who are "different" within the community and promote social interaction
•    Increase the employment of the Blind and Visually Impaired  in holistic fields of endeavor and public relations, offering practical solutions to the Blind and visually impaired using sports, special activities and training seminars as the medium

Our work encourages the Blind to participate in sport and leisure activities, provide technological equipment to assist them in their academic studies both in the fine arts and computer technology, all aimed at their future integration into mainstream society.

I have been a volunteer with PEULA since its inception using my background in PR and graphics to help produce their promotional material, maintain their Facebook page, website design and operation.

Together with my colleagues we also created an extremely effective and successful tandem bike group for both public park and off-road bike-riding, acting as sighted captains with the Blind riders seated and pedaling behind.
Today, I live in Miami and continue to assist in any way I can on-line, and to establish relationships and active partnerships between the Jewish communities here and PEULA.

We are constantly looking for more volunteers and would appreciate your support in any form and manner to provide this sector of Israel's society with equal opportunities to be "accepted as equals", to become independent contributors to society and not be dependent on social welfare handouts.
You have an open invitation to see the activities of PEULA in action on your next visit to Israel.

Please let us host you and "open your eyes to the challenges they face"
My contact details are below

Warmest regards

Michal Lehavi

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