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Help Us Accomplish Pikuach Nefesh Mitzvah

I don't speak French and that was the reason I stayed close to Rabbi NE MBeach Shul, to find translators to speak to his family . . . but I am bad and shy at communicating.  

Every year my husband and I would go to 5 Towns for Purim.  Sometimes we would go to West Hollywood and visit Rabbi Pinto's Shul on W. Pico.

Tehillim Eliyahu ben Rosa
View our sites, where I try to tell a general story of what happened and where we are now, as well as art Elie and I created together, to help us in difficult times, when we offer reproductions for Tzedukah.  He has been sick for 26 years now and had little strength to work.  Now we have greater challenge since the events that took place when we traveled to Florida for Pesach in 2010 and our lives changed forever.

I am asking the Sephardic community to look at our story and see what we can do.  I can't do this alone anymore.  Thank you.  Miriam

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Link to ArtTzaddikim Site: Eliyahu's Safe Release

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