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Advocacy Tools

Send a Letter to the Editor

Share your thoughts on important issues with the editors of major publications.

The Miami Herald                                   
One Herald Plaza                                    
Miami, FL 33132               
Fax: 305-376-8950                     

El Nuevo Herald
One Herald Plaza
Miami, FL 33132
Fax: 305-376-8950

The Jewish Journal
1701 Green Rd # B
Pompano Beach,     FL 33064         
Fax: 954-425-4609

Call Talk Radio

The following is the contact information of locally broadcast radio talk shows.  

Local Shows:

Citizen's Report - WTMP-AM 813-620-1300

Morning Magazine - WWUS-FM 305-872-9100

Topical Currents - WLRN-FM 305-995-1717

Contact Elected Officials

Want to call or write elected officials on the state and/or national level? Visit the Take Action section of and click Advocate to find their contact information, as well as tools to assist you with your advocacy!

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The Mission of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation is to mobilize human and financial resources to care for those in need, strengthen
Jewish life and advance the unity, values and shared purpose of the Jewish people in Miami, in Israel and around the world.

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